Hopkins Cycling is the official cycling team of the Johns Hopkins University located in Baltimore, Maryland. We are both a club level race team and a community/campus bicycle advocacy group. We strive to better the experience of cyclists in and around the Homewood campus and to excel in road racing events at all levels throughout the mid atlantic. Most of all, we just enjoy having fun on our bicycles!

As a race team, Hopkins Cycling competes primarily in the Atlantic Collegiate Cycling Conference against the likes of Appalachian State University, Virginia Tech university, University of North Carlina, Loyola University, and numerous other schools from the mid atlantic. The collegiate cycling season lasts from February and into May. Hopkins Cycling fields riders at all skill levels from the introductory D races up to the elite level A races. We train as a team throughout the fall, winter, and spring to develop newer riders and help hone the skills of more advanced riders. The goal of Hopkins Cycling is to give Hopkins students an outlet to improve their performance on the bike, have a great time, and hopefully continue their cycling career after graduation.

As a campus club, Hopkins Cycling is always working to better the experience of bicyclists on the Homewood campus. Bicycles are an amazing mode of transportation and one of the answers to our energy crisis. Hopkins cycling works with the school and surrounding communities to better the experience of recreational cyclists and commuters alike. We are hoping to help introduce a bike share program onto the campus.